In 2006, the Prosperity Partnership, a coalition of business, labor, government, non-profit, and educational leaders in the Puget Sound region, created a Cultural Taskforce to focus on strategies to support improved access to Puget Sound cultural organizations. In its report published in 2012, the Cultural Taskforce recommended that the State of Washington authorize the local creation of cultural access funds, statewide. (Regional Economic Strategy for the Central Puget Sound Region - please reference page 53)

Today, Cultural Access Washington is a coalition of more than 35 cultural, science, and heritage institutions.


Our Mission:

To transform communities across Washington State through the inspiration of arts, science, and heritage experiences.

Our Vision:

We envision vibrant communities where:

  • Our unique and shared histories bring people together, lift them up and empower them to succeed;
  • Everyone in our society has the ability to benefit from and be inspired by the cultural experiences available in our state;
  • Local communities serve as champions of their own cultural identities and legacies.
  • Our arts, science, and heritage organizations, from the smallest grassroots enterprises to the largest institutions, have sustainable resources to create wide and deep human impact through their work.

Cultural Access Washington
Board of Trustees

  • Benjamin Moore
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Dwight Gee
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Richard Beckerman
    Seattle Art Museum
  • Putter Bert
    KidsQuest Children’s Museum
  • Jared Axelrod
  • Manuel R. Cawaling
    Youth Theatre Northwest
  • Bob Davidson
    Seattle Aquarium
  • Will Daugherty
    Pacific Science Center
  • David Fischer
    Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
  • Ricardo Frazer
    Principal & Director, Zaki Rose Corp.
  • Alejandro Grajal
    Woodland Park Zoo
  • Joshua Heim
    Arts Program Manager, City of Bellevue
  • Mari Horita
  • Janell Johnson
    Seattle Opera
  • Doug King
    Museum of Flight
  • Josh LaBelle
    Seattle Theatre Group
  • Joe McIalwain
    Edmonds Center for the Arts
  • Karen Mobley
    Washington State Cultural Leader
  • Katie Oman
    Arts Consultant
  • Steve Sneed
    Seattle Center
  • Ellen Walker
    Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Simon Woods
    Seattle Symphony



  • James Kraft
    Executive Director
  • Shawn Baker
    Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Advisory Board Members

  • Leonard Garfield
  • Mark Gerth
  • Bernie Griffin
  • Karen Hanan
  • Jeff Herrmann
  • Robb Hunt
  • Lisa Jaret
  • Deborah Jensen
  • Gerry Johnson
  • Jim Kelly
  • Michael Luis
  • Scott Morris
  • Tim Punke
  • Patty Isacson Sabee
  • David Schaefer
  • Bryce Seidl
  • Jon Shirley
  • Maryanne Tagney
  • Jason Thibedeau
  • Maggie Walker

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